Growing up with a younger sister with Angelman syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome, GoldStar's founder Katie Svihlik-Burpo experienced many challenges families face every day in the world of disabilities. She began working with individuals with disabilities in 2001 in private practice settings, schools, and interdisciplinary centers. After acquiring a degree in speech language and hearing sciences in 2006, Katie worked in the field using a holistic approach.


It became increasingly clear to Katie that families needed custom solutions and support that they could rely on throughout the lifetime of their loved ones with disabilities.


Setting out to bridge that gap, Katie launched GoldStar Learning Options in 2011.

GoldStar believes that with the right support, each and every individual can learn and grow at any stage of life. That is why we have continued to dedicate ourselves to setting up programs to ensure ongoing progress in each individual with appropriate differences so that they can lead a purposeful, fulfilling life.

The company has gained recognition for its work, including a nomination for the Small Business Awards by the Denver Business Journal in 2018, as well as a nomination for Denver’s Top Employers from the Denver Post. Goldstar Learning Options, Inc. also received the ARC Community Advocate award in 2015.

"I created GoldStar because Colorado families needed something that wasn't available until now: comprehensive and personalized care designed for every family - and every age - with developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities." 

- Katie Svihlik-Burpo​, Founder & CEO

Our Approach

GoldStar Learning Options (GLO) offers families quality programs built around each individual in order to provide support where it is needed most. Our comprehensive supports maximize the individual intervention we provide by teaching tools and strategies so that each individual can be successful in all environments, whether in their home, school, or community.


Our holistic approach helps support each participant in achieving their unique goals and ensures consistency across all environments. GLO also offers flexible schedules and the ability to work in varying settings in order to make intervention possible. Participants will have access to interventions that accommodate the differing needs of families and caregivers.

Goldstar Learning Options, Inc. is committed to expanding services and plans to open a second facility in Denver for additional access to support for families as well as a place for employees to access the resources they need to accomplish their goals.

Our Partners

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