At school, it’s what someone 
CAN do that matters

The mission of StarBound Academy is to meet every student exactly where they are and honor their unique needs, goals, and strengths.


This means that whether a student's goal is to return to their previous school or whether their needs require our ongoing support into adulthood, we can provide for those needs.

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Driving Change, Creating Opportunity

1:1 Planning


Personalized Curriculum


Measurable Progress


Private Tutoring

A Proven Alternative

GLO has achieved measurable and significant progress with clients who demonstrate high-intensitybehaviors and/or have significant needs.


We have seen this progress in areas from increasing functional communication and social skills to decreasing aggression, property destruction, or other potentially harmful behaviors.


Enrollment with StarBound Academy will encompass individualized programm

guided by a set curriculum to not only foster improvement in educational goals, but to acquire and improve emotional, behavioral, and social skills needed to access learning


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