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Enroll with GoldStar

At GoldStar, we understand your child’s journey is complex and unique, and with that comes stress.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team members will help walk you through the entire enrollment process, no matter where you are on your journey. 

Our Enrollment Process


Initial Application

Our dedicated intake consultant will gather the information needed to get your family's journey started. This information will help our staff best prepare for your initial call to identify the best services available for you and/or your family!


Verification of Benefits

This is where we hone in the potential client's funding source and have a separate phone call with them just dedicated to funding.


Initial Assessment:

A dedicated and trained individual will meet with the family either in home or at our center and work to create a customized plan for the individual. This customized treatment plan will include the skills and goals that our team will work on, frequency of therapy, and expectations from parents/caregivers.


Funding Authorization

 Ensure funding source is in place to begin services


Enrollment and Finalization

Start date is given to family and shadow days are set up to begin destinated services

Interest Forms

We'd love to hear from you


Pre-K and Kindergarden
Ages 0-5


Ages 6-17