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Enroll with GoldStar

At GoldStar, we understand the journey to find quality services is complex and unique, and with that comes stress and uncertainty

A dedicated staff member will walk you through the entire enrollment process, no matter where you are on your journey.

What sets Goldstar apart?

When we asked the parents of our learners to tell us about GoldStar from their perspective, the answers always lead to our unmatched combination of services and benefits.


It’s the welcoming diagnostic experience and insurance support from the moment they connect with us. Once they are a part of the GoldStar community, it’s the center-based atmosphere, innovative mix of coordinated therapies and dynamite team of superheroes who have their best interest at heart. It’s the whole package. More importantly, it’s the outcomes that stem from that package.

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Little Learners Program
Ages 0-5


Breaking Boundaries Program
Ages 6-17


Living with Purpose Program
Ages 18+

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